HY610 gold thermal grease, thermal paste



  • HY610 gold thermal grease, thermal paste   product description   HY610 gold thermal grease, designed for DIY players and the production of a high-performance thermal grease, gold content of up to 45%, thermal conductivity is 3 times the ordinary grease, do not have to change the heat sink can also let your CPU temperature drop 6 degrees , Is the preferred product of overclockers. Products are certified by SGS environmental protection, in line with the EU RoHS testing standards. Packaging variety, to facilitate the choice of customers use.   Gold thermal grease, thermal conductivity 3.05W / m-k; Insulation performance, can withstand more than 10,000 volts; Low thermal resistance, lasting to maintain the paste state; Wide operating temperature range, -30 ℃ -240 ℃ environment, stable performance; High heat dissipation performance, cost-effective   Product parameters     Item HY610 unit Color Gold No Thermal conductivity> 3.05 W / m-k Thermal Resistance <0.073 C-in² / W Specific gravity> 2.48 g / cm³ Viscosity 1000 No Concentration of 380 ± 10 1 / 10mm Instantaneous temperature resistance -50 ~ 280 ℃ Operating temperature -30 ~ 240 ℃   ingredient   Silicon compounds 30% Carbon compounds 20% Oxidized metal compounds 50%   Applications   High Thermal Requirement Module Cool the device to the chassis or between the frames High-speed large storage drive Automotive engine control Hard drive and DVD drive Power conversion device High power LED Notebook and desktop computers Network communication equipment Household appliances, electronic components, electrical and so on


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