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Prices for Service

Find out below on what our Prices are and what services we provide

Here are some of the products and services we might offer, along with appropriate prices:
* Desktops: Software problems from £25, Hardware Faults:  vary according to the spare part value.  (competitive rates are promised) 
 * Laptops:  Software problems from £40, Hardware Faults : vary according to the spare part value. (competitive rates are promised)  
* Computer programming: please contact the store.
* Computer consulting and diagnoses   from £15
* Mobile phone repair: at low prices  e.g. (IPhone 5, 5s and 5c)  screens  replacement: £40 only , older versions e.g. (IPhone 3, 4 and 4s) may vary from £25.
* Tablets  complete repairs ( we only fix Apple and Samsung brands)  
*  CCTV Cameras fitting and installation: Please contact the store.
* TV Repairs: Please contact the store.
* Satellite fitting and installation. Please contact the store.
* Administration Services and Language support :  from £15 an hour
* Computer Lessons: Please contact the store.
* We also send parcels ( cloth, shoes, home electrical, kids toys, computers and phones etc..  ) to Kurdistan and Iraq from £1.30 per kilo * some items are not allowed to be posted*  Please contact the store for more information.
Our company and what you need to know

Cardiff Computer Centre LTD, is a private limited company located in City Road, Cardiff, offers a perfect spot for the public in professional, social gathering and leisure. It provides customers with technical repair solutions, administration services and internet access.

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